The truth truly can set you free.

So proud of Nanette and of the upcoming launch of this book!

She has done extensive research spent countless hours producing this labor of love - love for those touched by such tragedy. This is personal. it is the story of countless others, known and unknown.

Many lives have been destroyed and continue to be by the heinous and purposeful abuse of young boys by Catholic priests. However, this is not a condemnation of the Catholic Church because this type of abuse statistically is as prevalent in other religious organizations, groups, schools, and clubs. Anywhere children are gathered, there are those who seek access for their own selfish purposes.

It is so important to recognize how easily those in trusted positions of authority with access to children can destroy generations with a single act perpetrated upon a single child.

It is also a story of the possibility of redemption if we only ask how Christ can make all things good again; if we speak the truth, seek help, punish perpetrators, and most of all have enough compassion for others to allow these things to be spoken without judgment...instead of being hidden in the shadows where shame and loathing fester, where the ripple effect is allowed to spread, destroying all things in its wake.

The truth truly can set you free.


Nanette Kirsch