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Here's how:

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1. Socialize Denial

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Twitter: @denialbook; Suggested hashtags: #childhoodsexualabuse, #CSA, #sexualabuse

Incorporate the book naturally into your online story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Maybe it's a photo of you reading on the beach, or one of the book next to your latte. Or perhaps it's a handwritten note of one or two takeaways by the cover. However you share your life is the best way to lend support to Denial

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Speaking Opportunity

2. Suggest a Speaking Opportunity

If you live in the Triangle, NC, recommend Nanette Kirsch as a speaker to an organization with which you're affiliated. You can do this via email and simply cc:, or send Nanette an email with the suggested organization and contact, especially if you have a personal connection that she can reference. Great targets include:

  • Churches and/or church small groups or women's ministry groups
  • Professional chapters for pastors, counselors, social workers or others
  • Non-profit organizations whose mission encompasses sexual abuse, including the Salvation Army
  • High schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Bible study groups or other Christian organizations
  • Independent bookstores
  • Book clubs

If you live outside the area, but have a great connection, touch base with Nanette to see if she will travel to your location.

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3. Post a Review

Write a brief review and post it to any or all of the following sites after the book's June 29 release date. (Links will follow as soon as available.)






    4. Select Denial for Your Book Club. 

    The goal of Denial is to start new conversations around sexual abuse and its lifelong impact on survivors. Make Denial a book club pick and invite Nanette Kirsch for a live Q&A when you meet, in person or online.

    6 Quick Hits in 10 Minutes or Less

    1. Email 10 friends and recommend the book; be sure to include the website: