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Light is the only antidote to darkness; yet even acknowledging the truth of such a statement as: “I was sexually abused” can present a major battleground for an adult survivor.
— The Wounded Heart, Dan B. Allender

Were you sexually abused?

Perhaps you've never told anyone. The HEALING WALL was created as a safe place to help survivors take that important first step toward acknowledging the truth that has held you captive for so long, ending denial and beginning the process of reclaiming what was taken from you as a child: Power. Trust. Love of self. Joy. Innocence

If the very thought of this feels overwhelming and frightening, consider that denial is more dangerous still. Unfortunately, the ripple effects of childhood sexual abuse often do not diminish over time.

As you gather the courage to write the words you've kept hidden for so long, may you experience the healing power and forgiveness of self that speaking the truth offers.


Unite your voice with other survivors to battle the destructive power of sexual abuse with the power of truth.

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