Abuse, Addiction and a Life Derailed

Dangerous Secrets

David Wagner is living in denial.

David Wagner leads an enviable life. He is married with children and achieved millionaire status before the age of 35. But, behind this enviable outer shell, Wagner is hiding dark and dangerous secrets, secrets that threaten to derail the life he’s worked so hard to create. Based on a true story, DENIAL explores why our secrets don’t keep, and why that is, in fact, for our good. 

Based on a true story.

DENIAL is a fictionalized tale inspired by true events of a life lived in the shadow of an abusive past. David is typical of many survivors who want nothing more than to distance themselves from the abuse and move on with life. 

If we are only as sick as our secrets then childhood sexual abuse is among the most lethal secrets in our culture today. Wagner's story will convince you of the critical importance of helping the millions of other victims end their silence and reclaim their lives.

Deadly Lies

DENIAL exposes the lies at the heart of childhood sexual abuse.

  • "It's my fault." The most insidious lie for any survivor is that he or she somehow caused or contributed to the abuse. Self-blame fosters denial, shame and contempt, which inevitably lead to despair. This lie -- more than any other -- sustains denial's grip on victims, while grossly mischaracterizing the violence committed against them. 
  • "Where was God?" Victims often struggle with how a loving God could turn His back on them as innocent children caught in the grip of evil.
  • "Intimacy is the enemy." Eyes opened prematurely to the dangerous world around them, survivors often mistakenly identify intimacy as their enemy, rejecting healthy love relationships for unhealthy ones, lashing out at those they love in misplaced self-protection, and ultimately derailing themselves from the path to true healing. 

Powerful Truths

Photo by FatCamera/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by FatCamera/iStock / Getty Images

For Book Clubs

The mission of Denial is to end the shame and silence surrounding childhood sexual abuse. Your book club can play an important role by taking on the difficult and complex questions raised by this compelling personal story.

When you group orders a minimum of 10 copies of Denial you'll receive a 25% discount off the cover price, a reader's discussion guide and the opportunity to schedule a live Q&A call with the author.

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