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Denial is a compelling selection for book clubs that fearlessly lean into stories that challenge you to think differently.

Denial takes on childhood sexual abuse from a rarely explored vantage point -- that of the adult survivor -- and how abuse distorts and reverberates into their lives and the lives of those who love them. 

Changing the future for sexual abuse survivors begins by changing our understanding, and then our conversations, and ultimately, hearts and minds.  

No one does that better than book clubs.

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2017 Christian Literary Awards 

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Denial is honored to be named a finalist for the prestigious Henri Award for Fiction in the 2017 Christian Literary Awards. 

A special thank you to Joy & Company for their commitment to support and promote faith-based literature. 

Dangerous Secrets

David Wagner is living the life: perfect family, successful career, millions in the bank, and always the life of the party. But he has one more thing...a secret, with the power to derail it all.

Based on a true story.

DENIAL tells the story a life lived in the shadow of an abusive past and its cost to Wagner's achievements, relationships, well-being and sense of self. 

If we're truly only as sick as our secrets then childhood sexual abuse is among the most lethal secrets in our culture today.

Denial will ignite your compassion for the 60 million adult survivors of sexual abuse, while encouraging survivors to speak their truths, free of shame, to begin a hopeful new journey toward recovery.

Deadly Lies

DENIAL exposes the lies at the heart of childhood sexual abuse.

  • "It's my fault." The most insidious lie for any survivor is that he or she somehow caused or contributed to the abuse. Self-blame fosters denial, shame and contempt, which inevitably lead to despair. This lie -- more than any other -- sustains denial's grip on victims, while grossly mischaracterizing the violence committed against them. 
  • "Where was God?" Victims often struggle with how a loving God could turn His back on them as innocent children caught in the grip of evil.
  • "Intimacy is the enemy." Eyes opened prematurely to the dangerous world around them, survivors often mistakenly identify intimacy as their enemy, rejecting healthy love relationships for unhealthy ones, lashing out at those they love in misplaced self-protection, and ultimately derailing themselves from the path to true healing. 

Powerful Truths


Meet the Author

Meet author Nanette Kirsch and learn more about where her passions and her work intersect. 

Learn how you can begin a crucial conversation in your community, group, organization or that can make a difference in the lives of survivors you know, as well as those you don't know about, and begin a positive shift in how we respond to childhood sexual abuse in our communities and society. 

Consider hosting a fund-raising event for a non-profit that serves survivors' needs and/or promotes prevention/awareness of childhood sexual abuse. 

Nanette Kirsch

Nanette Kirsch